Japanese Maples
Maple Leaf


A. p. 'Villa taranto'
UPRIGHT  •  7'-9'  •  ZONE 5-8  •  SUN TO PT SHADE
This dome shaped plant is composed of long thin lobed leaves. At first arrival, they are an orange enriched with bright red. Provided the leaves are exposed to color enhancing sunlight, an interesting and attractive mix of hues decorates the plant in the following months. The leaves turn green, as many maples do, but these look as though they are constantly under a red spotlight; they are inarguably green, but washed in a rosy overtone. In spring this tree may look like a Monet haystack with its domed shape, its long thin leaves sticking out from the sides and the whole thing aglow in the pink of an Impressionist sunset. #2 @ $50.00; 2.5-3 gal @$85.00-$95.00; 5-7 gal are available for pick up at the nursery:$125.00 - $195.00

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