Japanese Maples
Maple Leaf


A. p. 'Okushimo'
UPRIGHT  •  15'-18'  •  ZONE 5-8  •  SUN TO PT SHADE
The foliage of Okushimo is unusual. Each lobe on every leaf rolls in and upward toward the center forming sharply pointed ends that thrust abruptly into space. Equally outstanding is its fall color which reaches a feverish degree of yellow so intense it seems like a fire against a dark evening sky. The branches are angled upright so the tree has an unusually narrow profile making it wonderfully suited for small, difficult to fill spaces. #2 @ $50.00; 2.5-3 gal @$95.00; 5-10 gal containers available for pick up at the nursery: @ $125.00- $195.00

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