Japanese Maples
Maple Leaf


A. p. d. 'Inaba shidare'
MOUNDING  •  5' - 7'  •  ZONE 5 8  •  SUN PART SHADE
This graceful beauty keeps its elegant dissected leaves in purpley red late into the summer. However, its absolutely exquisite form is its most outstanding feature. Without hardly attention, the tree grows into a sweeping, swirling, floating sculpture. The lacey leaves are a dark veil shading the equally beautiful lacey pattern of the branches. The form is so lovely it is hard to believe the branches are not purely aesthetic but serve a functional purpose as well. The leaves glow carmine in autumn. Left to its own devices, the tree will grow wider than tall. Stake it while young for height. Left to its spreading nature, it cascades over a wall or bank or fills a wide space. #2 @ $50.00; 2.5-3 gal @ $55.00 - 95.00; 5-10 gal @ $150-275.00

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